Software Development

Simple Easy-to-Use Applications. With an emphasis on agile development, SLT works collaboratively with clients to create simple, easy-to-use applications that directly address their needs. Devel- opers are proficient in: Java/C++ Sinatra jQuery/Perl Ruby on Rails HTML5


Software Integration

SLT helps customers migrate from legacy systems to more modern solutions, which is never easy. We decode cryptic legacy data formats, translate communication protocols, interact with problematic API’s and resolve differences between databases.

Cloud Computing

All SLT applications were developed from the start as web-based software. With minimal modifications, all SLT applications can run on a stand-alone server, a remote virtual server, and now, on any of the array of new cloud-based services.


Health Informatics

With the recent passage of a comprehensive healthcare reform bill by the US Congress, part of our medical future will involve more accurate and searchable electronic medical records (EMR). Given the large and emerging new market for EMR systems, Second Look Technologies is positioned to add significant value and innovations to this space with our proprietary data mining software and methodologies. At Second Look, our main focus is to work with clients employing EMRs to maximize the speed of analysis of basic and complex medical information in order to help physicians more accurately diagnose and treat their patients.


Data Mining

SLT creates a unique software model consisting of appropriate algorithms to detect patterns within the client’s data. The detected patterns will produce a ‘Second Look’ at the client’s own dataset, thereby improving: Analytical Speed, Accurate Diagnosis


Document Digitization

SLT performs all aspects of document digitization, including the electronic capture of paper documents, optical character recognition, and keyword indexing. We provide customized solutions for creating digital searchable archived databases for all manner of legacy documents.


Document Warehousing / Management

SLT specializes in finding the right data warehousing solution for each client’s project, which allows for the most flexible access to their data for advanced downstream applications, such as data mining, including: Physical Data Storage, Virtual Data Storage