Headquartered in Northern Virginia, Second Look Technologies leverages the capabilities of managers, engineers, and scientists to digitize and automate the processes within your organization.

Knowledge is Power.

There is new knowledge, and real meaning hidden in the legacy data within your organization. Converting your paper documents, disparate files and spreadsheets into electronic format, and consolidating databases into a single, unified data source, is the first step towards maximizing the value of your information. Using this unified data source, Second Look Technologies develops tools and technologies that enable the automated intelligent analysis of all your organization’s data.

Our leader

Rodney D. Garrett



Our Mission

At Second Look Technologies our mission is to help our clients gain maximum value from the information contained within their organizations. From small business clients to large government agencies, we offer custom IT solutions and support services that allow our customers to interact with and relate to their data in new and meaningful ways. Once fully implemented, our IT solutions and support services lead our clients to better decision making and enhanced efficiency, ensuring their continued success.


Second Look Technologies integrates the technologies of document scanning, data mining, and informatics to modernize your operations and provide a unified view of the information contained within your organization. Using this distilled knowledge can immediately improve your processes and facilitate the development of time and cost saving protocols to enhance your organization’s effectiveness.